Fagnoon is one of the unique places in Egypt where both parents and children can take a break and spend hours away from the city’s loud noise and pollution. The word Fagnoon comes from two words Fonoon (art) and Gonoon (madness). You can draw, play, run, dance and paint, learn crafts including pottery, wood carpentry, agriculture, baking, jewelry making, iron smithy, and much more.

Your child will feel so energetic and alive with each activity he tries. He can freely express himself and develop both his artistic and creative talents.
Children will feel free to paint on the walls, play with clay, or enjoy the freedom of the vast playgrounds, giving them the chance to mess around without getting into trouble.
Families are allowed to bring their food and drink for a picnic, however, they can also buy Feteer with honey or cheese to eat at Fagnoon. Parents too can try bread-making in a traditional brick oven and then enjoy their freshly baked bread.

⎯⎯⎯ Orouba mall – AlexandriaBurj El-Arab Airport road Marriott Lake, End of Taameer axis, Alexandria, Egypt

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Fagnoon is open daily from morning till sunset. To reach Fagnoon, it’s located in Sidi Krier, Borg El-Arab, inside Orouba Mall Alexandria.