The Landscape of Life


Founded in 1993, El Orouba Misr was a pioneer in the real-estate division Starting and leading others with projects in the fifth settlement of New Cairo district, eyeing opportunities in a growing and expanding market, the company then started its developments in Alexandria, Egypt. Beginning with Orouba Royal compound, the company has risen to the top of West Alexandria’s prime real-estate developers.
Following with Sedra Compound and its secondary phase, Sedra 2, two more mega upcoming residential projects, penetrating the retail industry with Orouba Malls in Alexandria, Tanta, and 10 more upcoming locations.

El Orouba Misr is attaining a lifelong visionary dream, and in doing so, we are striving to develop a unique community by satisfying all our residents’ and tenants’ needs. As we believe that happier employees make happier customers, over 550 employees are working in Orouba Misr to achieve our ultimate goal which is “the satisfaction of our clients” by making their dreams come true. We are pleased to have more than 4 million happy customers and clients dealing with us per year and we will have much more in the coming years as we are always keen to keep our promises.



Creating new benchmarks in innovation, raising the bar of performance, and redefining the landscapes of life.



Guiding the momentum of progress forward in tough economic times and inspiring others by redefining Alexandria’s real estate development sphere.

Emphasizing on building environment friendly constructions while leaving the most possible space for natural ecosystems to bloom, inspiring residents to live a healthier life.

Hazem ElDeeb


Oruba Misr Group

Years ago, we were inspired by a vision, and we followed it and innovated it along the way. We saw opportunities in growing and expanding markets, and we took responsible steps to guide the momentum of progress forward. We started humbly and with measured intent, ensuring that each step taken, each brick laid, and each development planned, was executed in line with our vision. We sculpted places designed to enhance lifestyles and improve the quality of life.

Today, we measure our achievements by the impact we have on humanity and the lives we touch, ensuring that every single day we are instrumental in creating positive changes and serve as inspiration for future generations and community members.

OroubaMisr Group is a company that has delivered on its promises, while ensuring our social responsibilities; we regarded our clients as a top priority, delivering outstanding returns that have far outperformed expectations.

We look at our legacy with satisfaction and pride. And now, we lift our eyes from this shining history with the knowledge that there is far more on the horizon. We still dream, innovate and strive to move forward. We are driven by our determination, focused on our vision, and resolute in our approach. We are constantly evolving, never resting on our laurels. Anchored by a solid plan complemented by a tangible strategy, we are on track to fulfill our vision.

The future is bright, and we will ensure it is realized through our new leading mega projects, through major expansions to our already profound collections, and through the addition of more attractions that will delight and surprise. Strengthened by our experience, we will continue to shape Egypt, being a step ahead of the needs, expectations, and dreams of our clients, all the while serving the community by creating new jobs and offering better education, happy homes, and cheerful lives.

We are living proof that when human beings have the courage and commitment to transform a dream into reality, there is nothing that can stop them.