Orouba News

The Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transportation (AAST) is the biggest national and Arab institution in the field of education, leading the way in advanced educational methods and concepts. Unvaryingly, Orouba Misr shares the same vision, which includes offering high quality education whilst raising the bar in order to enhance Egypt’s youth and future. Fittingly, we have entered into a cooperation and signed agreements to invest in the west of Alexandria to build a university that includes multiples colleges of different and new fields, including business and pharmaceutical fields AAST have always been exceptional.

This agreement took place in 2016 in a conference attended by the ministry of telecommunication; the governor of Alexandria; Dr. Ismail Abdul Ghafar, CEO of the AAST MT; Dr. Hassan ElDeeb,Chairman of Orouba Misr Group; Engineer Hazem ElDeeb, CEO of Orouba Misr Group; Mr Ahmed El Wakeel, Head of the Egyptian and Arab Chamber of Commerce; and Dr. Sherin Abbas Helmy, Head of Pharco group.

This agreement encompasses the creation of a business college and a pharmaceutical college that aim on offering a real future to what is known as New Alexandria that Orouba Misr had paved the grounds for. We aim on making this educational complex as a part of the upcoming projects of Orouba Misr Group. More details shall be announced along with new mega residential projects that will be revealed soon by Orouba Misr Group.

The selection of mall locations to insure accessibility and visibility to customers, an intense market study to make the right level mix attract the desired tenants as well as anchor stores and entertainment isn’t an easy job, but the combination of all these with the strategic alliance built with almost the biggest retail developer in the world Carrefour and the cooperation of the Ministry of Internal Trade in accordance to the Presidents’ vision to develop new areas build new communities and offer new jobs is all a successful and fruitful mix.