:Orouba Royal Compound  
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:The idea of the compound
It is the concept of modern accommodation in a lot of countries in whole world, it is Villas only society which is not more than 150 villa owned by elite families, each family has private gateway and separate garden in complete privacy and to each villa a wall from lovely tree fence and wrought iron. All that to guarantee the social standard in an area for accommodation only away from crowd and noise.
؟Why el Orouba Royal Cambound  
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:The Location
Is the most important measurement while choosing the superior residence, where the main roads meet (Alexandria New Airport and the north western coast road) with El Taamer axis in an area fortuned from God by natural beauty and healthy climate all the year, this is the genius of choosing the location..
Only 15 minutes from Alexandria direct in front of the slump of El Taamer axis away from the noise and in front of a wide view to the most beautiful natural lake. Orouba Royal Compound has chosen this location to achieve to its owners the unique location that can’t be repeated.
The View:
Enjoy the wonderful view of the lake in Ouroba royal compound as the compound overlooks the widest part of Lake Mariout which provides various recreational activities like fishing, skiing and all other water activities

Unique Designs:

The villas in Orouba Royal Compound has distinctive interior and exterior designs, the traditional external design gives the sense of luxury and elegance in addition to the use of the best construction materials and taking into account the precise engineering details both in the design or implementation. All external walls has a double thickness of 25 cm² including internal air vacuum to ensure the total isolation of noise and heat. The glass crafts use UPVC sheets and the ceiling heights are not traditional as it reaches 3.05 m² to 3.40 m² according to the model.

Planning :

The planning team of Orouba Royal compound realized the importance of complete privacy to the residents. The residential area is apart from the services area, so no one can enter the residential part of the compound unless he is one of the residents to ensure privacy. There are two gates in the residential part to the services area, to be closer to the services and away from the noise at the same time.

Investment :

The West of Alexandria…is the future of Alexandria - the best in terms of planning in Egypt. The planning team of Alexandria realized that the West is a natural extension to Alexandria, for that reason Mehwar El Tameer was established to be the new lung through which the residents of Alexandria can breathe, that caused this region to become the focus of investors as a result of the fast increasing prices, in addition to the tourism recovery of Borg El Arab (Mariout Lake – Borg El Arab international airport) and the industrial recovery (Borg El Arab stadium – Smouha Sports Club) in addition to the unique location of this region which is only 800 m² away from the coast.

services without limits :
Commercial , recreational and main area :

On an area of 20.000 m 2 sites has been chosen so as to be easily accessible from anywhere in the compound and at the same time the dimensions of crowding the streets of Interior. This area includes many of the shops with diverse activities that meet all requirements without the need for daily exposure to the crowdedness of the city center
Club Sports and Social Council :

The club includes all sports activities from stadium tennis, football, basketball, soccer and swim. As for billiard halls and cafeteria and restaurant in addition to the area earmarked for riding horses.
Health services :

The unit includes a pharmacy and medical center first aid and emergency clinics operate 24 hours.
Integrated security system :

All villas and palaces unfenced trees, in order to ensure privacy and the compound completely surrounded by high walls of Foreign Affairs and a whole network of surveillance cameras to ensure security, and the first time that the application entry system using magnetic owners and computer security-related Service.
Administration in Orouba Royal compound :

What distinguishes Orouba Royal compound is the style of management of the project after the operation and was therefore the end Power, which bears full responsibility for the security, custody, maintenance of public utilities and street maintenance of parks and recreational areas Interior. This is in addition to cleaning services, and delivery of applications and daily needs and many of things which is make your life in the Royal Arabism compound real fun. And we had to collect the amount of the owners of villas and palaces, to a one-time deposit in one of the Islamic banks and exchange of belonging to all services.

  • Are models of some internal changes in design and location of each area as Villa project?
  • Coordinate internal corridors and parks and swimming pools proposal is optional.